Why Most Crowdfunding Projects Fail and What Entrepreneurs MUST DO for Success

Crowdfunding is certainly the buzzword these days as companies of all sizes seek to tap into an investor resource right at their fingertips – their very own current customers. The problem is that many of the CEO’s and principals of these firms think it’s an easy process when it’s clearly not. So why do so many fail? In this episode of the Mapable USA podcast, we interviewed marketing expert Jeff “Fuzzy” Wenzel from the Woodshed Agency to get his insights on best practices to create and grow your crowd and what mistakes to avoid that so many fall prey to.

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What happens when a company makes a mistake and doesn’t have the resources to fix it? What happens when they target their crowdfunding marketing dollars to the wrong platform? For starters, if you have no ad budget, you are out of luck. According to Mr. Wenzel, be prepared to spend at least 10% of your desired capital raise towards marketing and advertising. But that’s not all! Any CEO or business leader needs to listen to this episode to understand what it really takes for a company to build an audience, tell a compelling story, grow a crowd, and have these people become evangelists and investors into your vision. Platforms and portals are not doing a good job about educating issuers about what they need for success. Good thing there are podcasts where you can get this type of information!

Want to avoid failure? You can get more information on successful crowdfunding marketing practices by contacting Jeff by email, at his website, or by phone at (888) 211-7263. And don’t forget to visit the crowdfunding experts at Simply Go Public as well for more information on how to get started crowdfunding on the right path – the right way!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Jeff “Fuzzy” Wenzel

Jeff WenzelJeff “Fuzzy” Wenzel is a digital and social media expert, project manager and business developer who has created and maintained a social media presence for over 450 client projects on multiple social media platforms.

He is a co-founder of Woodshed Agency, a S.E. Michigan digital media company that has established themselves as crowd-funding pioneers with over 300 successful campaigns to their credit. Jeff also seeks out and maintains collaborative relationships for his digital properties between companies, sponsors and clients. Credits include Volkswagen, Moncur, Detroit Design Center, Motor City New Years Eve, Camp Casey and North Star Media.

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