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While not required, it’s highly recommended for crowdfunding issuers to utilize the services of broker-dealers. But why? What are the benefits of using one – and what services do broker-dealers actually provide to Issuers of all kinds? In this podcast, Etan Butler, Chairman at the Dalmore Group, explains the entire process in detail and provides some major insights into how to raise money successfully (as well as some critical mistakes that must be avoided.) You’ll get some solid advice here from his real world experience of being involved in over 50 Regulation A+ offerings to date!

Listen to “Why Working with a Broker-Dealer can be very Helpful to Regulation A+ Issuers” on Spreaker.

Calling all issuers! The Dalmore Group is an investment bank that offers uncompromised advice and solutions to their diverse client base and specialize in raising capital, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance advice. With relevant industry, legal and financial backgrounds, their team of professionals have the necessary experience and knowledge to partner with clients and to provide strategic advice and innovative solutions for a variety of finance needs. In a “high touch” service business like investment banking, issuers really need to partner with industry experts they can trust, and Dalmore’s record shows they can deliver clients the results they desire.

As Mr. Butler states on the podcast, many Reg.A+ issuers would be wise to employ the services of a broker-dealer to make their crowdfunding offerings complete and as successful as possible – but it’s important to use a national FINRA registered Broker-Dealer for your Reg A+ offerings, because then you are permitted to raise capital from all US States. And that’s a big consideration. In addition, learn about all the services the Dalmore Group provides including data security, regulatory compliance, third-party platform integration, investor management, KYC/AML services, marketing guidance, and much more. If you didn’t know much about the role of broker/dealer before, you certainly will after listening to this podcast!

Get more information by contacting Etan Butler directly at 917-319-3000 or visit the Dalmore Group website at


Etan ButlerEtan has provided business planning, development and capital introduction services to a range of public and private companies in a number of different industries, and has participated in various capacities in several billion dollars worth of investment, development and other structured transactions.

Over the course of his career, Etan has developed an expertise in managing business development and overseeing complex due diligence activities in multinational transactions. Since 2001 Etan has served as the founding President of his family office EMB Capital, LLC which has invested in early stage ventures with a focus on real estate acquisitions, financial services, and alternative energy. He is an active member of a number of national and regional trade organizations and serves on the boards of various community organizations.

Etan holds a bachelor degree from Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business, with a major in Management and Finance, and is registered with FINRA as a General Securities Representative (Series 7 and 63).

Etan is married with 3 children and lives in Manhattan. In his spare time Etan studies a variety of Judaic spiritual texts and is a frequent contributor to a number of blogs dealing with these matters. He can be contacted at 917-319-3000

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