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Everyone is talking about opportunity zones, but not many talk about specific deals, as in the actual underlying asset and whether the deal works regardless of the tax benefits associated with the investment. Are projects actually being built? The answer is a resounding YES! In this podcast, Edmon Rakipi (Chief Investment Officer at OppZone Capital) and Michael Williams (Director of Investor Relations at Sixty West) talk about how their companies are working together to develop a number of real estate properties, redevelopment deals, and business development projects, all located in Opportunity Zones to provide investors with a diverse portfolio designed to optimize ROI and minimize risks.

Listen to “Sixty West and OppZone Capital Prove that Real Estate Development is Happening in Opportunity Zones” on Spreaker.

If you think real estate and business development in Opportunity Zones has stalled, you’re not talking to the right people! Industry experts and those with boots on the ground will tell you otherwise. Listen to this podcast as Mr. Williams explains how his company serves today’s investment market by providing diverse investment opportunities to his qualified investors and family offices to optimize their return on investment. Sixty West concentrates on a variety of sectors including opportunity zones, renewable energy, historic file and state tax credits, low income housing tax credits, and mining and have partnered with OppZone Capital in developing a number of interesting projects they describe on this podcast.

And as repeat guest Mr. Rakipi mentions: assisted living, redevelopment deals, business development, mixed use developments, office, retail, multifamily, even glass recycling – the list of what this partnership is developing is quite impressive. Oppzone Capital has even created their own Opportunity Zone Fund called the “Southern US RE QOF” which is currently accepting investors. (They’ve got more planned for the future as well!) Visit the OppZone Capital website for more information.

But always remember: the tax benefits of Opportunity Zones are nice, but if the deal doesn’t pencil out on its own merits, pass. Questions? Comments? Want to invest? Edmon Rakipi can be contacted at 727-729-0292 or by email here. Likewise, you can reach Michael Williams by email or by visiting the Sixty West website.

ABOUT OUR GUESTS: Edmon Rakipi and Michael Williams

Edmon RakipiEdmon Rakipi is Co-Principal of OppZone Consutling, an Opportunity Zone consulting group and fund Manager. With a career that started in the hospitality space at a young age, Edmon gained vast experience in the private sector. He then went on to manage stores for a national grocery chain in the southeast before moving into the financial services space. He spent the last eight years in wealth management in a variety of roles before re-positioning his talents in the Opportunity Zone program.

Edmon is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary and was a member of his last firms Investment Committee.

His deep understanding of the Opportunity Zone legislation and nuanced proposed regulations make him an invaluable asset to anyone looking to enter the space. Years of multi-generational wealth planning, financial analysis, and overall market trend recognition has empowered him to analyze clients financial positions and capitalize on opportunities to preserve and grow wealth, while achieving all of their values-based goals.


Michael WilliamsMichael Williams is the Director of Investor Relations at Sixty West and graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in Finance and Economics. Williams started his career in sales consulting with a major manufacturing company before transitioning into operations management at a regional service provider.

At Sixty West, Williams started in asset management where he provided diligence on projects prior to development and monitored performance throughout the length of the projects. He then moved into Investor Relations. Williams now serves as Director where he educates clients ranging from high-earning individuals and their advisors to Fortune 500 corporations and financial institutions.

In addition to traditional real estate fundraising Williams also focuses on the benefits of tax credits and other tax incentives and provides continued support through the life of the investment. Such incentives include Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Tax Credits, Historic Rehabilitation, Historic Preservation, private land mitigation and conservation programs and Opportunity Zones. He is also responsible for leading the Investor Relations team as they continue to see exponential growth, surpassing over $500m in annual capital raised.

All information provided is for informational purposes only. Mapable USA is not a registered broker-dealer, funding portal, or investment advisor. This information presented on this website/podcast is not intended as legal or investment advice for anyone to make an investment in any particular company and is not intended for any companies to rely on this information to form an opinion to go public or not to go public or to do any type of offering of securities. Any information presented is not an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any securities or financial products. None of the information on the Mapable USA podcast or website takes into account any individual person’s personal objectives, financial situation, needs, or particular circumstances. You must check with a securities attorney to find out if an offering is for you, or if you are going to be in the business of selling any type of securities, you need to make sure you are following your state and federal legislative law so you do not get into any troubles. Do not use the opinions as stated on this show as any way to form an opinion as what is wrong or right or what could be done for your business or as an investor. Mapable, LLC recommends you obtain your own financial, legal, and taxation advice before making any financial investment decision.

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