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The importance of setting up an investor relations program should not be discounted, regardless of the size or stage of your crowdfunding campaign. In this podcast, venture capital expert David Blankman – the Founder/CEO of CrowdVision Advisors, LLC – explains why and how a solid investor relations group brings in more investors, why communication with your investors is so important, and how to find the competent industry professionals who can do all this (and more) for you. You’ll learn why even though a digital marketing and social media plan has to be the first thing a company needs to do for a crowdfunding deal to be successful, you better have your investor relations program in place as well!

Listen to “Why You Need an Investor Relations Program, Even If Your Lead Investors are Mom and Dad” on Spreaker.

The JOBS Act has made it possible for investors of all sizes to participate in investment deals previously only accessible to the major players in the game and they can do it right from their mobile devices just by clicking an “Invest Now” button! But how do these investors actually find these crowdfunding deals? And what happens after the investment is made? How do these issuers stay in touch with their investors and keep them comfortable with their investment into their businesses?

As Mr. Blankman mentions on the podcast, Regulation A+ is the crowdfunding vehicle that makes all this possible. And not only that, but by implementing the suggestions he makes on this podcast, you’ll be able to use your marketing dollars to set up a double revenue stream: customers buying your products/services plus customers that will (hopefully) invest in your company AND serve as evangelists for your entire organization! Investor relations programs are that strong! (and it doesn’t matter how large or small your company is!)

Learn how to make the right choices with service providers that can create a roadmap that moves the entire process forward. This podcast contains plenty of tips towards that end. And don’t forget how blockchain factors into all of this as well. Questions? Comments? Would you like to learn more about how to grow and scale your business? Contact David at 512-660-0465 or by email here for more information.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: David Blankman

David BlankmanDavid has proven success in both legacy Wall Street, Reg. A+ online offerings and Venture Capital funding campaigns. He launched Investor Relations Groups for two recent Issuer clients and helped lead successful fundraising campaigns.

He founded Blankman Asset Management SEC Registered Investment Adviser managing client investment portfolios. As VP of institutional client group, he raised over $300 million in funding for private placement securities issuers. Helped launch, co-manage and raised $55M in AUM for a private placement SEC registered mutual fund.

Driven to guide emerging growth companies helping them grow into thriving businesses. A very high close ratio when working with ultra-high net worth investors. David is a skilled motivational speaker and advisor for investors and emerging growth companies.

* VP Institutional Client Group
* Director of Investor Relations
* VC, Angel, Investment Crowdfunding
* Alternative Investments
* Founded RIA Blankman Asset Management Inc.
* Co-Managed Mutual Fund
* VP Institutional Investment Group
* Fund raised over $300M for Exempt Security Issuers
* Awarded top institutional producer 7 years

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