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What types of businesses should be placed in Opportunity Zones? Well, people have to eat, and there’s a big push these days for healthy “farm to table” type fresh vegetables and nutrition. In this podcast, Zale Tabakman the President of Local Grown Salad explains how his company produces local, sustainable, and delicious fresh vegetables and goes into detail on why his vertical/indoor farming concept may be the perfect business to place in an Opportunity Zone (or all Opportunity Zones for that matter!)

Listen to “Why Every Opportunity Zone Should Have a Vertical Farming Business Component” on Spreaker.

In a previous podcast, Mr. Tabakman talked about urban farming investment options into the vertical farming sector. Seeing the great need and potential for businesses in the Opportunity Zones marketplace, he’s now making the strong case that every Opportunity Zone location should have a vertical farming component his company is taking center stage in this massive market with a goal of feeding the world… safely and sustainably.

Launched in 2013, Local Grown Salads is an agriculture and technology company that is developing a line of self-contained farming units to make it easier than ever to farm in urban settings, In addition to their goal of revitalizing communities located in Opportunity Zones, they also grow their own produce for sale to commercial, restaurant and retail clientele.

If the goal of an opportunity zone program is to revitalize the community, the ability to have access to fresh food is crucial to successful revitalization, which makes his vertical farming concept possibly a perfect business to place in these Opportunity Zones. And with all the amazing tax breaks and incentives (as well as uncertainty over the Biden Administration’s tax plan), it’s easy to understand why more and more businesses are looking at Opportunity Zones as their corporate locations, and consulting with OZ professionals to make that happen.

As Zale mentions on the podcast, it’s all about how to “do good by doing good”. And when people can live in an Opportunity Zone and walk to their place of business in a live/work/play environment that’s a great start! Contact Zale to get more information by email, visit his website at, or get more details on how to become a Local Grown Salad partner here.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Zale Tabakman

Zale TabakmanZale Tabakman is the president of Local Grown Salads. For Zale, Local Grown Salads is very personal quest. Zale’s goal is to feed the world delicious healthy food. He comes by this desire as a father of five and a grandfather of five and he gets around by bicycle. (While he loves salads – his favorite foods are French fries and popcorn).

Zale has designed both the business model and the Patent Pending growing technology. Zale has been teaching Cash Flow and Sales for several years to new Canadians in a government sponsored entrepreneurial program. He taught young people for five years at YMCA Youth Entrepreneurial Program.

In 1997, Zale won the North York Entrepreneur of the Year award. He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.


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