With the Latest Data Driven Technology, Any Crowdfunding Business Can Create An Audience of Loyal and Supportive Investors

You may have the best business and the best product or service, but if no one knows you’re out there, your crowdfunding efforts probably won’t be too successful. Building and creating audiences is of utmost importance, but most business owners overlook this essential component of crowdfunding. Data driven technology such as “tailored location” across multiple platforms has made it possible to implement some really creative strategies. In this podcast, we brought on Kelly Williams from Townsquare Ignite Media to talk about audience creation and why it’s so important to put out a compelling and consistent message to target the loyal and supportive audience that may convert into crowdfunding investors. It’s all about creating specific niche audiences and data mining to pinpoint your best prospects.

Listen and learn how Kelly explains her two-prong approach to audience creation and why your “pre-launch” is vitally important, as well as some mistakes many companies make that you won’t make after listening to this podcast episode. Remember, as Ron Sukenick from Simply Go Public mentioned on the show: “increased interaction creates increased cooperation”. Every product or service is different. The good news is that It doesn’t matter what stage of the crowdfunding process you are currently in – or even if you have no crowd at all. Crowdfunding can successfully be accomplished when you take the time to figure out who your real audience actually is and create the right messaging to build engagement and a strong following. Get started today on the right path to success.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams is an experienced digital specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. As a strong sales professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Radio & Television from University of Southern Indiana, she is skilled in crowdfunding, advertising sales, advertising, marketing, sales, programmatic ads, audience extension, SEO, SEM, and social media. With more than 15 years of media experience, Kelly is an expert in audience creation and targeting investors to raise capital faster.

Townsquare is a media, entertainment and digital marketing solutions company that owns and operates market leading radio stations, live events, and digital, mobile, video, and social media properties principally focused on small and mid-sized markets. The company specializes in crating and distributing original and motivating media experiences that connect communities with content they love, people the trust, products they want and things that matter. Townsquare Ignite’s data-driven technology, proven tactics and in-house talent deliver you the power to reach close to 100% of your targeted audience across multiple platforms in your service area, and beyond when desired.

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