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Getting people to know you exist is expensive – and as many companies seeking to raise money know, it’s a process that traditional banks don’t help you with. That’s where crowdfunding comes into play and that’s why companies must focus on building their own crowd and audience as their prime directive. On this podcast, listen to Earl Benjamin of C3 Entertainment explain how Valorous TV has taken to crowdfunding to tap into the tremendous marketplace for on-demand digital streaming content. Competing with the likes of Netflix isn’t easy, but Valorous TV is unique in that it caters towards their appreciation and fondness of our military, firefighters, police force, and first responders.

When listening to this podcast episode, not only will you get inspired by Mr. Benjamin’s vision for his “Home for Heros” digital TV subscription service, but you’ll also learn how you can save on a trial subscription by using the discount code offered on the show. Perhaps you’ll want to begin your own crowdfunding effort as well!

Listen to “3 Stooges Distributor “Valorous TV” is a Home for Heros and is Crowdfunding Their Digital Streaming Service;” on Spreaker.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Earl Benjamin

Mr. Benjamin has been running C3 Entertainment for 20 years. C3 Entertainment, Inc. is a diversified entertainment company, specializing in licensing, production and distribution. As rights owners to the “3 Stooges” franchise, they distribute their classic library of over 500 titles all over the world and have become a leader in the licensing industry by licensing thousands of consumer products and services worldwide.

Valorous TV is a “Home for the Heroes”, an exciting all-new digital TV subscription service focused on bold and brave films, stories and reports of courage and uncommon valor. Watch great movies, films, documentaries, news, current events and information featuring great adventures and conflicts from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War, the great World Wars, and more recent wars and conflicts, as well as countless tales of individual sacrifice and bravery. Not only during times of war, but all real acts of bravery, struggle, and courage under hardship, including law enforcement, emergency responders, medical personnel, firemen, and just plain ordinary citizens are showcased on this channel.

All information provided is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended as legal or investment advice for anyone to make an investment in any one particular company and is not intended for any companies to rely on this information to form an opinion to go public or not to go public or to do any type of offering of securities. You must check with a securities attorney to find out if an offering is for you, or if you are going to be in the business of selling any type of securities, you need to make sure you are following your state and federal legislative law so you do not get into any troubles. Do not use the opinions as stated on this show as any way to form an opinion as what is wrong or right or what could be done for your business or as an investor.