New Information On What Makes For Great Opportunity Zone Investments

With approximately 8,760 Opportunity Zones in the USA to chose from, how do you go about finding a great project in a great area? In this podcast, Jill Homan, the President of Javelin 19 Investments, goes over the latest legislative and regulatory considerations pertaining to the Opportunity Zones marketplace including how the most recent census data may impact the future of the program and also explains some of the criteria she looks for to provide her high net worth individuals and family office clients with solid investment opportunities in these OZ locations.

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As Ms. Homan mentions on the podcast, Javelin 19 invests in real estate and real estate related assets in the mid-Atlantic and southeast region with a focus on Opportunity Zones. Javelin 19 pursues both on-and-off market opportunities utilizing their extensive industry network and partners with experienced management companies and equity investors. And on the Advisory side, Javelin 19 provides customized solutions to investors, developers, and real estate companies who seek to participate in the Opportunity Zone program.

When you listen to this podcast you will learn about why everyone involved in the QOZ marketplace is keeping a sharp eye on the regulatory aspect of the program and why the concept of “risk tolerance” and realistic expectations of returns is so important in choosing the right Opportunity Zone projects and OZ Funds.

What enhancements are being made to the program? What are the types of locations and properties that make for interesting investment targets and why? How do you decide what to build there? What is changing in the industry? What about 1031 exchanges? How does census data relate to all this? And perhaps most important to investors: what makes for realistic returns? Jill explains it all, plus gives some predictions on the future of the OZ program as well.

You can learn more at her company website at or you can request more information on the Javelin 19 listing at the QOZ Marketplace from the Opportunity Zones Authority!


Jill HomanJill Homan is President of Javelin 19 Investments, an Opportunity Zone focused real estate development, investment, and advisory firm. She has more than fifteen years’ experience in real estate development totaling almost $500 million in capitalization. Ms. Homan is co-developing projects in Opportunity Zones and has successfully raised and closed OZ capital. She has applied her knowledge of emerging communities and expertise in policy and real estate to advise investors and family offices on the OZ incentive. She earned MBA and MPP degrees from Duke University, focusing on finance and authoring a thesis on urban revitalization.

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