The Importance of Preparing for a Crowdfunding Campaign

Don’t let anyone fool you: crowdfunding is not easy. Sometimes, there is a large gap between expectations and reality, and many times, it comes down to education for both issuers and investors alike. In this podcast, Shane Liddell, the CEO of Smart Crowdfunding discusses the critical factors that make for crowdfunding success, including what your marketing budget should look like, how to lower investor acquisition costs for your deal, how crowdfunding portals work, and why your prelaunch stage is so important to your success. Plus, you’ll learn what he thinks is the very first thing you need to do in order to greatly increase the success of your crowdfunding campaign! (hint: this is no secret…)

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Mr. Liddell’s company specializes in rewards-based crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding (Reg.D, Reg.CF and Reg.A), security token offerings, tokenization, consulting/advisory services, marketing services, social media management, and more and has promoted over 1,000 crowdfunding campaigns, making them a one-stop shop for all your crowdfunding and marketing needs. In other words, taking his advice is probably a good idea.

As he mentions on the podcast, there are a number of crowdfunding portals that have been developed to showcase a number of deals, but issuers take heed: just listing your offering on one of these platforms does not insure success. In fact, far from it! There’s so much you have to do BEFORE flipping the on switch for your offering and unfortunately, many CEOs ignore this fact and try to run their deal on a shoestring. It is no surprise that most fail in that manner.

Use Shane’s 3-step process instead: select the correct portal/platform; make sure you have enough money to execute your campaign plan, and spend enough time preparing BEFORE your offering goes live. He also recommends doing a “testing the waters” phase to better indicate investor interest before you spend significant promotional money. The good news is once you have a process in place, the actual execution of your campaign is the easiest part!

Do you want your crowdfunding offering to be fully funded? Then contact Shane by email here or visit his website at for more information on how to get started as well as tips/suggestions on how to be more successful with your raise.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Shane Liddell

Shane LiddellShane Liddell entered the exciting world of crowdfunding early in 2012, before anyone really knew what it was. Since then, he has rapidly become one of the top influencers and thought leaders in the crowdfunding space. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO, whose knowledge and expertise of crowdfunding has allowed him to deliver campaigns for entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and filmmakers across the globe.

Shane previously served as the Executive Director of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CFPA), personally attended the SEC Advisory Committee in Washington DC in the early days, and believes in staying on top of all things crowdfunding. He has provided support and guidance to over 1,000 crowdfunders, helping them raise millions of dollars with his strategic campaign development, consulting and marketing and promotion services. He is a straight-shooter whose advice and guidance is sought out by crowdfunders everywhere.

He has spent the past couple of years deep-diving into the very latest in Marketing, Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NLP technologies, and during the process has built solid relationships with some of the leading marketing minds in the world.

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