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What once was the wild, wild west continues to be more clearly defined regarding Opportunity Zones. More and more resources have become available to anyone seeking to learn, participate, analyze, and profit from this tax deferral strategy. In this podcast, David Sillaman (the CEO and Founder of Eazy OZ) talks about all the projects and resources his company have created to help ANYONE interested in the Opportunity Zones marketplace navigate all things Opportunity Zone wise with ease and success – and why although most associate the Opportunity Zones program with real estate, the real key to its success will be its business aspect and job creation.

Listen to “New Resources are Targeting the Job Creation Component and Business Aspect of Opportunity Zones” on Spreaker.

Take it from the Opportunity Zones Authority: EazyOZ Opportunity Funds is one of the country’s leading opportunity zone fund development agencies. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! With Opportunity, Mr. Sillaman has created a roadmap to help communities, investors, businesses, developers, CDFIs, and nonprofits plan for potential investments in Opportunity Zones by understanding local needs, aligning community assets, establishing regulatory tools and financing incentives to support investments and forming partnerships toward equitable and inclusive community development.

As far as business creation goes, he created the Bit Capital Opportunity Zone Fund, whose mission is to raise and examine the allocation of $100,000,000 into a qualified opportunity zone digital asset-crypto-currency mining and cloud computing business which is strategically located within US Opportunity Zones. When you listen to David on the podcast, you’ll understand why Bit Capital will be actively engaged in investments into qualified opportunity zone businesses and anything regarding blockchain these days has the potential to be game-changing!

Interested in starting your own Opportunity Zone fund? Visit OZ Fund Expert. Looking for an opportunity zone fund? His OZ Funds website is the resource for you! Do you have a great Opportunity Zone story? Are you an industry influencer? Then add OZ Voices to your list of resources to participate in as it seeks to spotlight Opportunity Zone successes and testimonies!

But perhaps the most interesting (and sorely needed) project that David is developing is the Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor designation, where enrollees into the program can learn the Opportunity Zone realm from top to bottom, resulting in them really being the “experts” in the industry. Many professionals may be aware of the OZ program, but perhaps not educated enough to properly advise their clients. This is for them. Be the top Opportunity Zone Advisor in your market! Get more info at the website.

One thing’s for sure: By using all the resources detailed on this podcast, anything you need to know about Opportunity Zones is now right at your fingertips! You can thank David and his entire company for that!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: David Sillaman

David SillamanDavid Sillaman is the founder and chief executive officer of Eazy Do It Inc., an opportunity fund creation company based in Virginia Beach, Va. Eazy Do It works with clients to develop a structured turn-key solution for business owners, real estate development projects, high net worth individuals and family offices looking to set up an opportunity fund experience.

Recognized as a Top 10 OZ Influencer, Eazy Do It and one of the leaders in the Opportunity Fund Creation industry, David Sillaman is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Counsel. Eazy Do It Funds have been recognized by FinTek News, Business Insider, Market Insider, Senior Housing News & Silicon Review to name a few.

Mr. Sillaman is a frequent speaker at National Opportunity Zone Events, including the CDFA Florida Opportunity Zone Conference and past Opportunity Zone Expo Conferences. Eazy Do It has built a sixth of all the opportunity funds in the market space today, with a strong emphasis on business based opportunity funds.

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